03 June 2011

Delightful Travel...In British Columbia

For a self-proclaimed Anglophile,  British Columbia (BC-initials for many a good thing!) is quite a surprise.  How excited was I to see signs on the highway for Surrey and Westminster thousands of miles away from the originals!  But it seems the reference and resemblance to its colonial roots may end there.

Though a grey sky and fog sits on the waterfront and may indeed rival cold days in Britian, BC and, in particular Vancouver, can rival any American metropolis on the West or even East coast.  Last night saw an, what I gather was an unusual event in the city:  sports frenzy.  Like many Canadian cities, a pride of Vancouver is their NHL team the Canucks (I know I am spelling it wrong) and I managed to arrive just in time for it to show.
Upon arrival, one could already see the specks of blue and green (Canuck colors) spattered around the city dwellers and as the evening drew on and game time approached the specks became blobs and the blobs became masses.  Granville Street, a main city strand (and the location of my hotel) amassed itself in a sea of blue and green as hockey-goers filed into bars and out on the streets.  Even heard chants that made seem like a football (soccer) win rather than hockey...

Canadians celebrate after a hockey win (thanks to Katy for the pic)

Today the weather and the streets are calm, relatively.  I finish up my quick trip and head back down to the States.

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